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Upcoming events

    • 08/09/2021
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
    • Online Zoom

    OPPA Brunch Social

    Come and join us on Monday morning at 10am for an open chat with your fellow photographer friends.

    This is an opportunity for us to gather online to meet and talk with other photographers. Where we can discuss ideas, personal projects, foster creativity and help each other grow in our craft.

    Bring questions you may have that others may be a resource, any photography topic is welcome for friendly discussion.

    Zoom link will be mailed out to all registrants the morning of the event, so come join us!

    • 08/11/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (PDT)
    • Online - Zoom link will be emailed to all RSVPs

    A Night with the Pros:

    The Art of Storytelling

    With Kristy Steeves

    M.Photog.Cr., CPP

    Photography is not just about figuring out the right aperture, lens sharpness or your camera settings. It’s about more important elements such as “voice”, “emotion”, and “point of view”. It’s about being a visual storyteller.

    A picture without a story is just that: a superficial picture. Without a story, the

    photography has no depth, no personal meaning, no emotion. An image with a story is the catalyst in triggering a chain reaction of emotions making it memorable, iconic and impactful. Stories are all about making us excited, laugh, cry or feel empathy for someone else.

    Kristy Steeves has spent her life as a storyteller, first as an award winning television journalist of 25 years, and later as a photographer. She will share her approach on how she creates characters for photographic competition and for her clients, not only to tell a unique story of each person, but to add emotional impact and meaning to their images, through composition, lighting, posing, choice of clothing and props.

    It is our job to narrate someone’s story in a single frame. Let the image speak. Give it a voice. Kristy invites you to come and create, to find your voice, to write your story. Just like a good book or film that gets you emotionally invested in its characters photographers can do the same with their images.

    Please register here for this free talk and include your email in order to receive the zoom link via email on the day of the presentation.  Thanks!

    About the Speaker:

    Kristy Steeves

    M.Photog.Cr., CPP

    Kristy graduated from Indiana University with a double major in journalism and political science. She worked as a television news reporter for 25 years before switching careers to become a professional photographer. She specializes in children, pets, high school senior portraits and corporate head shots. Kristy is actively involved in the photography industry serving as a PPA council member. She was elected to PPA’s Nominating Committee and is a PPA approved juror. She is currently serving as a board of governor for the American Society of Photographers as well as previously holding positions as president and vice president of Professional Photographers of Northeast Ohio.

    Kristy has won various awards including four television Emmy awards, Ohio Photographer of the Year, PPNEO Photographer of the Year, the Northeast District Grand Imaging Award for the Children Portrait Category and a two-time finalist for the IPC Grand Imaging Award with 2nd place for the Photographic Open Album Category.

    Kristy loves to make people laugh and is often called “the class clown.” Her greatest joy is connecting with people and making lasting friendships.

    Please join us on August 11th at 6:30pm for social time and BYO social distancing snacks before we get started at 7pm for what is sure to be a great presentation!

    • 08/23/2021
    • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)
    • Zoom, On-Line

    The Keys to Real Estate Photography

    With Lara Janzen


    Do you want to learn what it takes to produce a high-quality real estate image? In this class you will learn the ins and outs of real estate photography. We will go over the gear you need, techniques that make for great real estate images,  the various shot lists for every real estate photography client, and the editing process from basic to the more advanced.  We will also cover drone photography for the Real Estate image market. This class is for those who have always wondered about Real Estate Photography and have a good understanding of their camera and their flash system.

    Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced, All levels welcome.


    • Shooting in manual mode.
    • How to set the bracketing feature.
    • Metering for Light and Dark exposures.
    • Off camera and on camera flash.
    • Using the virtual horizon or grid line options.
    • Using a tripod and trigger.

    Programs that will be mentioned:

    Lightroom and Photoshop for editing the images with a Lightroom plugin called Enfuse. Also NIK filters in PS

    Lightroom- will cover stacking images, adjusting WB, and then using HDR (basic), Enfuse (intermediate), and layer blending in PS with window pulls (advanced)


        About your Speaker

        Lara Janzen

        CPP, AFP-OR

        Lara grew up in Calgary AB in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  She always loved the outdoors and was thrilled when her dad gave her the first film camera with a fixed lens and manual everything so she could start taking photos of the area.  

        She spent her summers outdoors at a camp just a little NW of Calgary.  Eventually her music studies took her to central Canada where one could see for miles due to lack of mountains to interrupt the view.

        She taught choir and band for several years until her family moved to Oregon.

        When her boys began playing hockey and she wanted to capture those precious moments, she soon realized that her little Panasonic point and shoot was not up to the task.  She took the advise of a photographer friend and bought her first DLSR.  Eventually saving to purchase nice fast glass like the 70-200mm/2.8.  She has been in love with that lens ever since.

        Lara taught music for several years, and after a eye-opening teaching experience, she decided another career was needed.  After music soul-searching, she chose photography.  She could work with great people, spend time outdoors and set her own schedule (Ha Ha).

        She is now a Real Estate photographer/videographer and licensed drone pilot with headshots and portrait work on the side.  Her love of nature includes her much-loved landscape work.

        • 08/30/2021
        • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)
        • Zoom, On-Line

        Let it Shine: Unlocking the Natural Beauty of Creation

        With Cris & Deanna Duncan

        M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP & M.Photog.Cr., CPP

        Let it Shine! Unlocking the Natural Beauty of Creation. Surrounding each of us every day is unspeakable beauty. From the tiny dewdrop framed by intricate silk webwork to the glorious West Texas sunset, our senses are constantly stimulated by beauty.

        However, sometimes there is frustration as what our eye sees can’t seem to be captured by our camera. Using the tools given to us today—camera, lens selection, filters and post-processing—we will explore ways to allow the vision of our mind to be translated into a photograph. Take time for yourself and come and join Cris Duncan for a time of creative development where you can start “seeing” things in a whole new light.

        Cris will cover “What you need to know” to take better, more impactful landscape images—The tools, camera techniques, lighting, creative compositions and post-processing. Get prepared to have your mind explode. 

        Landscape photography is not just for vacations and free time. It is an opportunity to share the world and a part of yourself with the community and it is an exercise in creativity that is sure to leave you inspired, regardless of your photographic knowledge, discipline or profession.


            About your Speaker

            Cris Duncan

            M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP

            Cris Duncan is an Internationally Award Winning Photographers who sport a host of letters after his name. Cris’s landscapes have been awarded top trophies at the local, state and national level. Cris currently serves as the 2021 TPPA President, an Approved CPP Instructor, IPC Juror and Executive Director for West Texas Photographers. When not behind the cameras, you can find Cris with a guitar in his hands. Cris, along with his bride, Deanna, own and operate CjDuncan Photography in Lubbock, TX . In addition to the studio, they are often found teaching other professionals at conventions or at their own Find Your Focus adventures where you are encouraged to “Enjoy the journey.”

            • 09/07/2021
            • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (PDT)
            • McMenamins Kennedy School 5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211
            • 39

            The Basic StoryBrand Framework & Profit First Concepts

            with Mary Fisk-Taylor, MBA

            M. Photog.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, ABI, API

            PLEASE NOTE: This class is LIVE IN PERSON. It will not be online or filmed for later viewing.

            Several years ago, Mary read two books that literally changed her business forever. The first was the sold-out book by Mike Michalowicz, Profit First, which flipped her mindset from missing out on Profit to taking her Profit first. The second was the best-selling book by Donald Miller, StoryBrand, and it changed her business forever. StoryBrand became such an important part of her business that she chose to study in person with the author and his team and become a Certified StoryBrand Guide. 

            In this program, Mary will give you an overview of the 7-part Framework of StoryBrand and how this powerful concept has become an integral part of her business. If you have not read the book that is fine, but to get the maximum impact from this program it would be helpful. Other resources available online is the www.mystorybrand.com website where you can follow along with the Framework.

            StoryBrand Certified Guide

            Profit First Professional Coach

            This class is complimentary for members! But spots are limited!

            About your Speaker

            Mary Fisk-Taylor, MBA

            M. Photog.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, ABI, API

            For almost 25 years, Mary Fisk-Taylor has owned a portrait and wedding business with her business partner, Jamie Hayes, in Richmond, Virginia. Hayes & Fisk Photography is one of the most sought-after Portrait and Wedding studios in their industry. Mary and Jamie are both incredibly committed to preserving family legacies, professionally capturing and printing portrait and milestone memories. They both believe that these fleeting moments need to be proudly displayed in family’s homes, not living digitally on phones, computers and modern technology. Mary also partners with her mom and sister in a boutique volume and high school senior portrait studio that caters to local private schools and stresses both excellence in hometown and local client service and technical proficiency in the art of photography.

            Mary was very pleased and honored to have received her Master of Photography, Craftsmen of Photography and Certification of Professional Photography in just three short years. Mary has been named Photographer of the Year in 2007 and has won Best Wedding Album of the Year in Virginia several times. Nationally she has had her prints and albums recognized as Grand Imaging Award finalists.  Mary is also a recipient of the prestigious Virginia Award, which honors photographers for their commitment and dedication to their state association, and the business of professional photography. And in 2012, she was awarded the PPA Charities Legacy Award for her work and dedication to the philanthropic arm of PPA. In 2014, Mary was awarded the Charles H. (Bud) Haynes Award for her distinguished service to PPA and its members and for encouraging business awareness and practices in the field of professional image-making. And in 2015, Mary was honored to receive the National Award from the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association for her commitment and dedication to Professional Photography and has gone on to receive two more National Awards from other affiliates.   Mary has also taught and lectured all of the United States, as well as the Philippines, Korea, Canada, Mexico and Italy and most recently South Africa.

            Mary is of course most proud of her two beautiful children, Alexandra and Jackson. Her husband, Daryl, and she enjoys the flexibility and joy that owning a profitable photography studio has allowed their family. Mary currently serves on the Executive Committee of the PPA Board of Directors, is a proud member of the Society of XXV, and is a past President of the PPA Board of Charities. She holds offices and board positions for her state professional photography affiliate, Virginia PPA and serves on several philanthropic and local boards. She is extremely active with Operation Smile International and has served as a staff photographer for several events and missions. At the age of 42 Mary was named one of Virginia’s Top 40 under 40 for her leadership in the community, volunteer and charity work and her business savvy.




            • 09/08/2021
            • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
            • Online via Zoom

            September Member Only 
            Image Competition

            Join us for an OPPA Image Competition.

            Registration to enter images into this event will be via PrintCompetition.com - images must be uploaded by Tuesday, September 7th by 11pm.  Entries open on August 8th.

            This is our final Member Only Image Competition for 2021.

            Entry is open to members of OPPA.  Find out more about membership here. Members can enter up to four images to be evaluated against the 12 Elements of a Merit Image with OPPA points to be awarded and applied towards the OPPA degree program.

            Even without entering any photos this is an amazing educational opportunity! It is free to members and visitors to attend and watch the competition.

            You will learn a lot and meet some amazing photographers!

            Here are the OPPA Competition rules; register to compete via PrintCompetition.com or RSVP to the left if you're just observing.

            Questions? Contact Thea Martin, Competition Director

            • 09/15/2021
            • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PDT)
            • Online - Link will be sent to registrants

            Online Marketing: Tactics and tools for Today

            Note: this is a PPA Workshop; it is not organized by OPPA.

            It seems the only constant in online marketing is change. Tactics and services that worked a few years ago may have fizzled out, or they might even be harming your marketing efforts. With the internet being key to how we do business in 2021, this course will ensure you're up to speed with what's effective today so that you're best positioned for prosperity.

            Our day will be broken into three parts.

            The first is an overview of the online landscape and what's relevant right now based on how people connect. Using current information about the state of social media, SEO, email, video, blogs, and online advertising, we'll transition into the second portion of our day where we'll look at how to identify which tactics and tools will be optimal for photographers based on various business scenarios. As opposed to trial-and-error, successful photographers will approach their marketing with a plan. The third segment of this course will help attendees develop a plan bringing together current tactics with their own business goals.

            Photographers will come away with actionable steps that should lead to business growth.

            As a PPA workshop, PPA members will earn one service merit for attending the entire workshop.

            Register at this Link on PPA.com

            Questions?  Email the instructor

            You'll Learn From...

            Your instructor is Aaron Hockley, M.Photog.Cr., FP-OR, HFP-OR, also known as the Tech Photo Guy. He's been working at the intersection of photography and technology for almost 15 years and has helped numerous photographers grow their online presence.

            • 09/26/2021
            • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (PDT)
            • Zoom, On-Line

            $8K Weddings in a $2K Market


            Adding Boudoir to your Brand 

            with Jeff & Lori Poole

            M. Photog.Cr. & M. Photog.Cr.

            The Morning session with Jeff will focus on the wedding program.

            “That’s great, but I can’t charge that in my market.” If you’re like many photographers, you don’t live in an affluent market where couples are spending 6, 8, and 10 thousand dollars on wedding photography. Many photographers live in average cities and small towns where budget really does matter. With blogs and wedding magazines telling couples how to have a wedding on a budget, and how much they should spend on photography, how can photographers attain the averages needed to be profitable?  

            Join Jeff as he shares his secrets for averaging $8000 and higher in a market saturated with small beach elopements and backyard weddings. In his little beach town, the average photographer charges between $1500 and $2000. In  this talk, you’ll learn how to create a boutique client experience that lets your client feel pampered, the secret to using multiple touch-points to increase sales incrementally, how to soft sell albums adding thousands to your bottom line, and how to build a rock-solid sales system that will have your clients spending more and hugging you on the way out the door. 

            The second half of the day Lori will jump into:

            Adding Boudoir to your Brand.

            Boudoir photography is a fast-growing niche. There’s a lot to consider when adding this specialty genre to your brand, but it can be both lucrative and personally rewarding under the  right conditions. In this talk, we’ll cover all the things you need to know to get up and running. Topics include:  

            • Why your WHY is crucial to this genre  
            • Finding your target client  
            • Building your portfolio  
            • Popular products for boudoir  
            • Working with hair & makeup artists  
            • Studio set-building and non-studio options  
            • Tips for male photographers  
            • Special considerations for your contracts and studio policies  
            • Handling awkwardness…for you and for your client  
            • Challenging your own discomforts and biases, and helping client through theirs 
            • Getting your clients to do *that* pose or *that* face  

            If you’re considering adding boudoir to your brand, you will not want to miss this informative  class!

            About your Speakers

            Jeff Poole


            Lori Poole


            Jeff and Lori own indigosilver studio in Wilmington, NC, offering boutique boudoir portraiture and wedding photography. They also own and operate The Shoot Space, a local share studio space and resources for photographers in the Wilmington area.

            Between the two, they have over 20 years (and counting) of photography experience and have been to more photography conventions, seminars, and workshops than they can count. Both are PPA Master Photographers and Photographic Craftsmen.  They love what they do… even when they hate it.  If you own your own business, you know exactly what we mean!

            On the education side of their brand, Photo Insight, they enjoy working with photographers that are struggling to take their business to the next level. If you're looking for help with pricing, workflow, or sales psychology, give Jeff and Lori a shout to see how they can help you!

            PPA Members receive 1 PPA Merit for attending this workshop in entirety.

            OPPA Members receive 1 OPPA Point for attending this workshop in its entirety.

            • 10/13/2021
            • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (PDT)
            • Online - Zoom link will be emailed to all RSVPs

            A Night with the Pros:

            Event Photography Beyond Weddings

            With Kimberly Olker

            Cr.Photog., CPP

            Weddings can be wonderful to photograph but they can also be seasonal, leaving you with dry spells in your schedule. Expanding your event photography business to include other significant life events can keep you busy all year long! 

            With many of these events, it’s important to know more than just your camera settings, lighting and posing skills to produce the best work for you and your clients.

            Kimberly will walk you through a variety of event photography possibilities to add to your business. Then she will go into significant detail for photographing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah with both elegance and respect. She will explain terminology and symbols, religious significance, the service details and the timeline for the day. She will also explain when you should NOT be photographing during the service and how a photographer can avoid accidentally showing any disrespect.

            If you’re looking to expand your event photography business into this specific genre, you need this information to be a success!  It takes Chutzpah to be a great Bar/Bat Mitzvah photographer – Kimberly will first explain what this means and then explain how to get there!

            Please register here for this free talk and include your email in order to receive the zoom link via email on the day of the presentation.  Thanks!

            About the Speaker:

            Kimberly Olker

            Cr.Photog., CPP

            Kimberly grew up in an environment filled with cultural events, theater and art, in many forms. This creative and nurturing environment eventually led her to a second career as a Professional Photographer. While her formal education and first career were in technical fields, she continued to be drawn to opportunities that allow her to express her artistic side. She loves capturing life’s special moments to help preserve them for a lifetime. She is passionate about connecting with her clients and providing them with exceptional images that show their unique spirit.  

            Kimberly is also passionate about helping others. She thrives on volunteering for various non-profit organizations and loves donating her time and her skills. She truly enjoys teaching and mentoring others, along with helping photographers earn their CPP certification in the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

            Kimberly is an award-winning Northern California Portrait and Event Photographer who specializes in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. She is currently working on her PPA Master of Photography and Master of Wedding Photography degrees. Besides being a Certified Professional Photographer, Kimberly is a wife, mother, caregiver, martial artist, engineer, math nerd, tutor, actress, gymnast, … and wine enthusiast. 

            • PPSV Wedding & Event Photographer of the Year 2018, 2019, 2020
            • PPA Craftsman Degree, January 2019
            • Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) since March 2016
            • Member: Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2008
            • Member: Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley (PPSV) since 2015, Vice President 2017-2018, President 2019-2020, Treasurer 2021
            • Member: Professional Photographers of California (PPC) since 2017
            • Member: Oregon Professional Photographers Association (OPPA) since 2020 

            Please join us on October 13th at 6:30pm for social time and BYO social distancing snacks before we get started at 7pm for what is sure to be a great presentation!

            • 10/18/2021
            • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (PDT)
            • Zoom, On-Line

            Compensate with Confidence

            With Jon & Lindsay Betz

            M.Photog., CPP & Cr.Photog

            In this workshop with Jon & Lindsay Betz of Jonathan Betz Photography, learn how to ensure profitability principles are in action for your photography business and how to intentionally use that profitability for sustainable business health and confident compensation for YOU. Over the years of mentoring and teaching solid financial practices to professional photographers, they hear time and again the need for photographers to understand a system to pay themselves with confidence. They will cover profitable pricing principles, money management in your business, and teach two different systems for allocating money to retained earnings (business sustainability) and compensation. 

            Class Level:

            • Intermediate
            • All Levels Welcome

            Advanced skills taught:

            • Money Management principles for how to best allocate and use net business profits for sustainability in the business and maximizing compensation to the owner
            • Two methods for how to confidently compensate owner(s) from the business

            Attendees will best benefit with a working knowledge of their COS and GenExp and with prior understanding of profitability principles. While this information would be very beneficial to a new business owner that isn't yet profitable and compensating themselves, it will be most impactful for a business that is already profitable but still feeling lost as to what to do with and how to to allocate net profits, specifically related to the common question, "How much and how do I pay myself?".


              About your Speaker

              Jon & Lindsay Betz

              M.Photog., CPP & Cr.Photog

              Jonathan Betz, M.Photog., CPP and Lindsay Betz, Cr.Photog. have been married for 16 years and in business together since 2006. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, they specialize in family and high school senior portraiture with an emphasis in outdoor portrait art. Within their full-time studio roles, Jonathan serves as lead visionary and portrait artist; Lindsay serves as chief implementer, client guide for consultations and sales appointments, and studio manager. When not serving clients, they love to explore the outdoors and travel. Faith and family are at the center of life.

              • 12/08/2021
              • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PST)
              • Portland-area and Online - see description

              2021 Award and Appreciation Banquet!

              We'll share all the details as the date gets closer, but be sure to put our annual Award and Appreciation Banquet on your calendar.  There will be something for everyone... recognition of OPPA achievements, recognition of service, amusement, and more!

              Our plan for the 2021 event is to return to an in-person dinner banquet in the Portland area and we will also stream the Awards program portion of the evening on social media.  Details to come!

              (awards images by Andie Petkus)

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            11/11/2017 LUMINATE 2017
            10/28/2017 Focus Stacking for Sharper Images
            10/21/2017 CPP - PPA Certification Exam
            10/17/2017 Social and Happy hour with F1 Society Photography Group
            10/12/2017 Fear and Loathing in Photography - New Challenges - Michael Shay
            10/11/2017 CPP - What to Know and Where to Start
            10/05/2017 Making Your Clients Look Great while Striking a Pose
            09/14/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
            09/08/2017 Intro to Video for Photographers
            08/29/2017 CPP Study Group
            08/05/2017 Childrens' Character Portraiture in B&W
            08/03/2017 Shootout at Juarez Canyon! Summer Social
            07/22/2017 Secrets of the Street- Tom Hassler
            07/13/2017 Navigating High Volume Sports Photography
            07/01/2017 The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE) - Instructions on Understanding TPE Application and Field Practice
            06/08/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (June)
            06/03/2017 How to create and sell, Double or Triple Albums and Wall Art Sales
            05/30/2017 Suds and Shots
            05/22/2017 CPP - PPA Certification Exam
            05/19/2017 PDX Squared
            05/13/2017 Getting Up-to-Speed With Lightroom - Mark Fitzgerald
            05/11/2017 Photograph for Print and Profitability
            04/29/2017 Beyond the Yearbook photo with April Kroenke
            04/22/2017 Yamhill County VIP Historic Tour (Safari--plus wine tasting)
            04/13/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (April)
            04/04/2017 Tethering Workshop with Tether Tools
            03/25/2017 Seeing Through the Eyes of a Judge
            03/21/2017 Suds and Shots
            03/18/2017 Identifying, Marketing, & Selling BIG to Your Perfect Clients
            03/12/2017 CPP - Lighting Workshop
            03/09/2017 A Journey in Documentary Photojournalism with Randy Rasmussen
            03/05/2017 Vancouver Brewery Safari
            02/23/2017 Drink and Click Portland w/ Pro Photo Supply and Olympus
            02/11/2017 CPP - Hands on Lighting Workshop
            02/09/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (February)
            01/28/2017 How to win merits and influence judges. Image Competition Unlocked
            01/18/2017 Suds and Shots
            01/12/2017 CANCELLED: The Importance of Mentoring: Teaching Composition and Lighting to your Friends and Family
            01/08/2017 Imaging USA
            12/08/2016 OPPA Annual Member Banquet
            11/11/2016 Oregon PPA Photography Expo
            10/29/2016 Yamhill County VIP Historic Tour (Safari--plus wine tasting)
            10/26/2016 Suds and Shots
            10/20/2016 Ray Roman Wedding Cinema Workshop Series
            10/15/2016 See, Capture, and Develop your Plan C
            10/13/2016 How to Charge What You are Worth
            10/09/2016 How to Photograph Landscapes
            09/26/2016 CPP EXAM
            09/24/2016 Make the Most of Mirrorless - Tom Hassler
            09/16/2016 How to shoot Rocks & Weeds
            09/10/2016 Transcending the Technical: Making the Creative Practice Personal
            09/09/2016 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of Image Competition
            09/08/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
            08/21/2016 Plan C - See, Capture, and Develop Your Creativity
            08/20/2016 Setting up Your Financial Workflow with QuickBooks Online
            08/13/2016 Your Photography Business & PPA's Benchmark Business Guide - Let's Be More Profitable!
            08/12/2016 Walkabout: John Day River Territory w/ Joni Kabana
            08/11/2016 Shootout at Juarez Canyon! Summer Social
            08/02/2016 Suds and Shots
            07/16/2016 SEO for Photographers: Getting Found for Fun and Profit
            07/14/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (July)
            06/26/2016 Dynamic Black & White Portraits - Sam Tarrel
            06/09/2016 After Hours: The Diverse World of Commercial Photography - Brian McLernon
            06/04/2016 How to win merits and influence judges. Image Competition Unlocked
            05/29/2016 Lensbaby Safari, the Pearl District
            05/22/2016 The Elements of Dance
            05/22/2016 Certification - The First Step to the Rest of Your Career!
            05/21/2016 Photoshop - Workflow, Retouching & Artwork - Sam Tarrel
            05/16/2016 Seeing the Light - Portraiture 101, Indoors and Out
            05/16/2016 Setting up Your Financial Workflow with QuickBooks Online
            05/15/2016 Beyond the Yearbook Photo
            05/12/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (May)
            04/22/2016 SEO for Photographers: Getting Found for Fun and Profit
            04/14/2016 After Hours: Lightroom Mobile with Mark Fitzgerald (April)
            04/09/2016 The Art of Macro Photography with Tom Reiman
            03/19/2016 Create the Lighting YOU Want! - Tom Hassler
            03/10/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (March)
            02/27/2016 Image Competition Tips w/ Lisa Dillon & Bryan Welsh
            02/27/2016 PPW Convention & Image Competition
            02/11/2016 After Hours: The Many Sides of Craig Mitchelldyer
            02/06/2016 Seeing Through the Eyes of an Image Competition Judge
            01/14/2016 After Hours: The Importance of a Personal Project for your Creativity and your Business
            01/10/2016 Imaging USA
            12/10/2015 OPPA Annual Member Banquet
            12/07/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers
            12/05/2015 Improving Your Online Presence as a Photographer
            11/12/2015 Oregon Photography Expo
            10/10/2015 Mastering Lightroom's Develop Module with Mark Fitzgerald, M. Photog.
            10/08/2015 After Hours: Randy Hopfer - Aluminum Printing process
            09/26/2015 CoastBusters: Long Beach, Lighthouse and Cranberries Safari
            09/20/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers [Albany]
            09/10/2015 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
            08/13/2015 OPPA Summer Social
            08/08/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers [Bend]
            07/31/2015 How to Shoot Rocks and Weeds w/ Vern Bartley & Mark Fitzgerald
            07/09/2015 Quarterly Image Competition (July)
            06/29/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers [Portland]
            06/13/2015 Crepes & Grapes Country Tour Photo Safari
            06/11/2015 After Hours: Getting to Know Your OPPA
            06/07/2015 Make More Money with Framing
            05/24/2015 Hot Air Balloon Ride Photo Safari
            05/14/2015 Quarterly Image Competition (May)
            05/02/2015 Improving Your Online Presence as a Photographer
            04/09/2015 After Hours: Before the Wedding Day
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