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    • 05/24/2022
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Starvation Creek State Park

    Letting the Scene Find You: Landscape Photography Excursion

    with Dan Hawk

    Go beyond the typical sunrise or sunset--you can create beautiful landscape imagery in any light, at any location! Join landscape photographer Dan Hawk as he guides participants in the Gorge to discover and create interesting and beautiful landscape photos. You'll learn to see nature in a whole new way! 

    This will be ON LOCATION! Location is Starvation Creek State Park. 

    About your Speaker

    Dan Hawk

    I'm an outdoor and adventure photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I love telling great visual stories about how it feels to be in this place, at this moment, with these people. My style and approach is direct, clean, classic, and true. I love authentic moments with beautiful light and I spend an awful lot of time hunting them down.

    My Landscape fine Art imagery can be found at danhawk.com 
    I’m also a commercial photographer and you can see that work at danhawkphotography.com

    OPPA Members receive 1 OPPA Point for attending this workshop in its entirety.

    This workshop is NOT a PPA merit workshop.

    • 05/31/2022

    Coming soon for registration!

    Save the dates and check back soon when registration opens! Make sure you're receiving our emails too. 

    Tuesday, May 24: Landscape Photography with Dan Hawk (in person/on location)

    Saturday, June 4: Boutique Volume Photography with Mark McCall (virtual)

    Wednesday, June 8: NWTP: Finding Your Ideal Client with Luci Dumas (virtual/hybrid)

    Tuesday, June 14: Seeing Through the Eyes of a Competition Judge with Lisa Dillon and Bryan Welsh (virtual)

    Wednesday, July 13: NWTP: Business Basics with Robin Swanson (virtual)

    Saturday, July 16: Compositing and Composition with Scott Detweiler (in person/hybrid) 

    Sunday, Aug 14: Equine Photography for Beginners with Lori Ackerman (in person/on location)

    Thursday, Aug 18: Landscape Workflows (Photoshop/Composition) with Gary Randall 

    Saturday, Sept 3: Family Portraits with Jessica Vallia (in person/hybrid)

    Wednesday, Oct 12: NWTP: Macro Photography and Focus Stacking with Chris Richman (virtual/hybrid)

    now rescheduled for February 2023: The Art of Black and White with Alisha Cline (in person)

    • 06/04/2022
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Boutique Volume Photography

    with Mark McCall

    What job would you do if you could make $1,000 an hour? $2,000 an hour?
    Here's a shock....you’re already doing it!   You're just doing it the wrong way!.

    HallMark Professional Portraits grosses $1,000-$2,000 per shooter hour using just a few onsite and production workers and YOU CAN TOO!

    Learn HallMark's secrets for photographing early learning centers, preschools, sport leagues, and the most profitable of all, parent’s day out programs. Learn where the jobs are, and how to get them. 

    If you hate selling yourself to a school or league, this program is for you. Learn how HallMark gets those jobs without ever picking up the phone, or making a single sales call. Take the Larry Hershberger inspired “Santa Experience” look, automate it for schools, with painter, automatically! This item alone is worth the trip!

    You’ll learn the following:

    • Where to get the school names and contact information. Get them to call YOU, then keep calling for Fall, Santa, Easter, Graduation images.
    • Create sets that go far beyond a simple background. Do something your competitor can’t, or isn't willing to do. And do it cheap.
    • See HallMark's unique order form layout, which allows parents to design their own package, right on the order form. Parents LOVE this, and no one else is doing it.
    • Simple, simple, simple lighting.
    • Problem with an order?  Find out HallMark's trick for having the parent call YOU instead of the school or sport league.
    • Proofs or Prepay?  Find out what works, for which jobs. 
    • Learn how to get Santa to come to the schools with you, at a far lower rate than he normally charges. Learn to get more from Santa portraits, without changing your prices.
    • Why branding is so important, and how to do it cheaper than you ever imagined.
    • Miss an 8x10 at the lab and don’t want to wait 3-4 days (or meet a lab’s minimum order)?  No problem.  Learn to print a lab quality print at home on a $300 printer, indistinguishable from a lab print.
    • Photoshop can auto place the name of the school in a strategic place in the image, personalizing it to them, AND...learn to make an extra $10 on orders by replacing the school's name with the child's name in the image.
    .....and soooo much more.

    About your Speaker

    Mark McCall

    M. Photog.M. Artist.Cr., CPP

    Mark McCall is an award winning commercial & event photographer/speaker based in W. Texas.

    Mark's funny, whimsical approach when speaking to photography crowds is just as entertaining as it is informative. In business since 2016 McCall's, and later HallMark Professional Portraits, has become the most awarded studio in W. Texas.

    Mark is a graduate of Texas Tech University, served as President of Texas PPA in 2014, was on the Certification Commission that wrote the PPA Certification Test, and is current Chairman of Texas PPA’s Print Competition Committee.
    In 2017, he was awarded PPA’s National Award for his lifelong dedication to the industry. 

    Mark received his first camera at the tender age of 8 years old, a gift from his grandmother for her purchase of mail order makeup. Formative years were spent exploring Horseshoe Canyon on horseback, just north of his hometown of Slaton, Tx, snapping photos of ranch life, wild horses, and native Americans.
    Farm neighbors began to ask Mark to photograph their families and as word grew, so did Mark's love of anything photographic. Besides photography, Mark enjoys tinkering in his garage, working on his electric '39 Ford pickup, fishing, museums and yard work.

    OPPA Members receive 1 OPPA Point for attending this workshop in its entirety.

    This workshop is NOT a PPA merit workshop.

    • 06/14/2022
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Virtual (zoom link will be sent to all registrants)

    Seeing Through the Eyes of a Competition Judge

    with Lisa Dillon and Bryan Welsh

    Learn to better understand Image Competition from the Judge’s side of the equation—learn how scoring works, how to apply the 12 Elements in critiquing an image, learn judging etiquette and how to verbally critique an image in this full-day judge class. You’ll learn how to evaluate your own images (as well as others’ images) using the PPA Image Competition standards. You’ll also learn what is new in the process and better understand the IPCC rules changes for the upcoming competition season. If you are planning to enter images at District or IPC competitions, you’ll want to attend this class so you can make sure you fully understand the new submission and disqualification rules. Even if you aren’t interested in entering a Juror Development Program, this class will help you with your own competition journey.

    Workshop Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

    Three advanced skills you will learn:

    1) How to evaluate images against the 12 elements of a merit image

    2) How to articulate a thoughtful and effective challenge or critique of an image

    3) How to select your own images for competition with the best chance at competition success

    About your Speakers

    Lisa Dillon M. Photog.Cr., CPP

    Bryan Welsh M. Photog.Cr., CPP, API, EA-ASP

    Image Competition judges Bryan Welsh and Lisa Dillon have more than four decades of professional experience between them. They are image competition veterans with loan images, Kodak Gallery awards, Fuji Masterpiece awards and many other competition trophies. Both Bryan and Lisa are Oregon (OPPA) Active Jurors & PPA Approved Jurors.

    Together, they will demystify Image Competition and get you started on your way.

    OPPA Members receive 1 OPPA Point for attending this workshop in its entirety.

    • 06/25/2022
    • 10:00 AM
    • Online

    Image Review

    Join us for a competition style image review to get feedback on your images ahead of IPC.

    Registration to enter images into this event will be via PrintCompetition.com - images must be uploaded by 11:00pm on June 23rd.

    Entry is open to members and non-members of OPPA. Members get two complimentary entries!  Each image after that the cost members is $5 per image.  Non-members can enter for $15 per image for non-members.  Find out more about membership here. Registrants can enter up to eight images or albums to be evaluated against the 12 Elements of a Merit Image and will be scored.  You can purchase a critique for $7.50 per image.  

    Even without entering any photos this is an amazing educational opportunity! It is free to members and visitors to watch online.  Club 79 live streaming of the competition will start at 10:00 am PDT.

    Register via PrintCompetition.com.

    Questions? Contact Thea Martin, Competition Director at competition@oregonppa.org

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06/09/2021 Overcoming Fear: Silencing Your Inner Critic
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05/31/2021 Compositional Techniques through Night Photography
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04/30/2021 Paws for a Day - Pet Photography
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04/14/2021 April Member Only Image Competition
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03/31/2021 OPPA Evening Social: Photo Challenge - Green
03/21/2021 Better Posing Made Simple
03/16/2021 OPPA Afternoon Social: Memorable Photography Moments
03/14/2021 Complex Lighting Made Simple
03/10/2021 A Night with the Pros: How to Embrace Your Own Personal Rainbow
02/24/2021 The "ART" Photography Business - Living the Dream
02/23/2021 KEH Buying Event
02/22/2021 OPPA Afternoon Social: Discussion Topic- Editing Tools
02/10/2021 February Member Only Image Competition
02/08/2021 OPPA Brunch Social: Topic - Off Camera Flash
01/27/2021 Look Like a Pro on Video Calls - Evening
01/27/2021 Look Like a Pro on Video Calls - Afternoon
01/13/2021 A Night with the Pros: Psychology of Pricing and Sales
12/14/2020 OPPA Afternoon Social
12/09/2020 Award and Appreciation Event
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11/16/2020 OPPA Afternoon Social
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10/27/2020 Writing Copy That Converts
10/14/2020 A Night with the Pros: Secrets of High-Impact Headshots
10/05/2020 OPPA Morning Social
09/28/2020 OPPA Afternoon Social
09/21/2020 A Conversation w/ the OPPA President
09/16/2020 A Conversation w/ the OPPA President
09/11/2020 A Conversation w/ the OPPA President
09/09/2020 September Member Only Image Competition
09/01/2020 A Conversation w/ the OPPA President
08/12/2020 A Night with the Pros: Changing Perceptions About People with Disabilities; Why Personal Work Matters.
07/21/2020 Think Like a Competition Judge
07/08/2020 A Night with the Pros: "Marketing Beyond Covid-19"
06/23/2020 The Business of Event Photography
06/13/2020 Districts Image Review
06/11/2020 Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your Photography Business
06/10/2020 A Night with the Pros: "Navigating the Lockdown: Executive Orders, Contracts, Cancellations, Business Closings, and Business Formations"
05/13/2020 A Night with the Pros:The Marketing Riddle with Bryan Welsh.
04/18/2020 Professional, Personal, and Profitable Event Photography
04/15/2020 Think Like a Competition Judge
04/08/2020 Quarterly Image Competition (April)
03/21/2020 Inside the Competition Workflow
03/11/2020 A Night with the Pros: Artificial Intelligence & Photography w/ Aaron Hockley
02/13/2020 Fitness Photography
02/12/2020 Quarterly Image Competition (February)
01/12/2020 How To Photography: 101 - Posing
01/08/2020 A Night with the Pros: Photography as a Profession With Gary Randall
01/05/2020 How To Photography: 101 - Lighting
12/12/2019 2019 OPPA Annual Banquet
12/07/2019 Metal Prints Made Easy
11/09/2019 Club 79 - Annual Open Image Competition
11/08/2019 Luminate '19
10/20/2019 New School Lighting - Learn to Love the Studio Again
10/10/2019 A Night with the Pros: Streamline your workflow with a single app!- With Dan Harlacher and Whitney Stevens
10/05/2019 The Competition Code
09/28/2019 Environmental Business Portraits - Beyond the Headshot
09/11/2019 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
08/07/2019 The Secret Language of your ideal customer - With Jeffrey Shaw
07/27/2019 Long Exposure Photography
07/13/2019 In Search of the 12 Elements
07/11/2019 A Night with the Pros: The Business Side of Photography - With Craig Mitchelldyer
06/29/2019 “Creating Cinematic Portraits From Start to Finish” - With Bill Whitmire
06/13/2019 Quarterly Image Competition (June)
06/09/2019 Equestrian Horse Photoshoot
05/09/2019 A Night with the Pros: Kurt Mottweiler - A Portland Cameramaker
04/11/2019 A Night with the Pros: Lena Hyde: Simple & Effective IPS Workflow for Success
03/14/2019 Quarterly Image Competition (March)
03/09/2019 Photoshop 201: The Method behind the Madness
03/02/2019 Think Like a Competition Judge
02/23/2019 Newborns and Babies 101: Safety, Soothing & Sustainability
02/21/2019 A Night with the Pros: Bill Whitmire - Breaking into the Business
01/10/2019 A Night with the Pros: Utterly Irreplaceable - Finding and Owning Your Niche Market w/ Ara Roselani
12/12/2018 OPPA Annual Banquet
11/10/2018 LUMINATE 2018
11/10/2018 Annual Open Image Competition (November)
11/09/2018 Think Like a Competition Judge
11/07/2018 Landscape Photography: The Craft. The Technique. The Art. The Vision
10/27/2018 Inside The Competition Workflow
10/11/2018 A Night with the Pros: The Business of Corporate and Architectural Photography w/ Steve Whittaker
10/07/2018 The Fine Art of Printing
09/15/2018 Photoshop-Retouching & Color Grading Techniques : Sam Tarrel
09/13/2018 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
08/25/2018 Street Portraiture - A Portland Walkabout
08/11/2018 Video for Photographers
08/05/2018 OPPA Summer Social
07/25/2018 Selling With Emotion: How I Built My $4100 Portrait Session Sales Average
07/22/2018 OPPA Mentorship Event
07/12/2018 A Night with the Pros: China the New Wine Frontier w/ Janis Miglavs
06/15/2018 Knowing Newborns- Creative Portraiture/marketing : Julia Kelleher
06/14/2018 Quarterly Image Competition (June)
05/10/2018 A Night with the Pros: Image Presentation that Wows Clients and Competition Judges
05/05/2018 Getting Started with Drone Photography
04/28/2018 Wealth In Photography- Marketing, Selling and Pricing
04/12/2018 A Night with the Pros: Wealth in Photography w/ Bill Sorenson
04/08/2018 Creating Images with Impact
04/07/2018 CPP- What to Know and When to Start
03/12/2018 Posing - Making Your Clients Look Great
03/08/2018 Quarterly Image Competition (March)
02/08/2018 A Night with the Pros: Becoming an Instagram Pro w/ Morgan Stone Grether
02/03/2018 Improving Your Online Presence as a Photographer
01/23/2018 CPP Study Group
01/22/2018 CPP - What to Know & Where to Start
01/11/2018 A Night with the Pros: Business Best Practices
12/14/2017 OPPA Annual Banquet
11/11/2017 LUMINATE 2017
10/28/2017 Focus Stacking for Sharper Images
10/21/2017 CPP - PPA Certification Exam
10/17/2017 Social and Happy hour with F1 Society Photography Group
10/12/2017 Fear and Loathing in Photography - New Challenges - Michael Shay
10/11/2017 CPP - What to Know and Where to Start
10/05/2017 Making Your Clients Look Great while Striking a Pose
09/14/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
09/08/2017 Intro to Video for Photographers
08/29/2017 CPP Study Group
08/05/2017 Childrens' Character Portraiture in B&W
08/03/2017 Shootout at Juarez Canyon! Summer Social
07/22/2017 Secrets of the Street- Tom Hassler
07/13/2017 Navigating High Volume Sports Photography
07/01/2017 The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE) - Instructions on Understanding TPE Application and Field Practice
06/08/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (June)
06/03/2017 How to create and sell, Double or Triple Albums and Wall Art Sales
05/30/2017 Suds and Shots
05/22/2017 CPP - PPA Certification Exam
05/19/2017 PDX Squared
05/13/2017 Getting Up-to-Speed With Lightroom - Mark Fitzgerald
05/11/2017 Photograph for Print and Profitability
04/29/2017 Beyond the Yearbook photo with April Kroenke
04/22/2017 Yamhill County VIP Historic Tour (Safari--plus wine tasting)
04/13/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (April)
04/04/2017 Tethering Workshop with Tether Tools
03/25/2017 Seeing Through the Eyes of a Judge
03/21/2017 Suds and Shots
03/18/2017 Identifying, Marketing, & Selling BIG to Your Perfect Clients
03/12/2017 CPP - Lighting Workshop
03/09/2017 A Journey in Documentary Photojournalism with Randy Rasmussen
03/05/2017 Vancouver Brewery Safari
02/23/2017 Drink and Click Portland w/ Pro Photo Supply and Olympus
02/11/2017 CPP - Hands on Lighting Workshop
02/09/2017 Quarterly Image Competition (February)
01/28/2017 How to win merits and influence judges. Image Competition Unlocked
01/18/2017 Suds and Shots
01/12/2017 CANCELLED: The Importance of Mentoring: Teaching Composition and Lighting to your Friends and Family
01/08/2017 Imaging USA
12/08/2016 OPPA Annual Member Banquet
11/11/2016 Oregon PPA Photography Expo
10/29/2016 Yamhill County VIP Historic Tour (Safari--plus wine tasting)
10/26/2016 Suds and Shots
10/20/2016 Ray Roman Wedding Cinema Workshop Series
10/15/2016 See, Capture, and Develop your Plan C
10/13/2016 How to Charge What You are Worth
10/09/2016 How to Photograph Landscapes
09/26/2016 CPP EXAM
09/24/2016 Make the Most of Mirrorless - Tom Hassler
09/16/2016 How to shoot Rocks & Weeds
09/10/2016 Transcending the Technical: Making the Creative Practice Personal
09/09/2016 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of Image Competition
09/08/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
08/21/2016 Plan C - See, Capture, and Develop Your Creativity
08/20/2016 Setting up Your Financial Workflow with QuickBooks Online
08/13/2016 Your Photography Business & PPA's Benchmark Business Guide - Let's Be More Profitable!
08/12/2016 Walkabout: John Day River Territory w/ Joni Kabana
08/11/2016 Shootout at Juarez Canyon! Summer Social
08/02/2016 Suds and Shots
07/16/2016 SEO for Photographers: Getting Found for Fun and Profit
07/14/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (July)
06/26/2016 Dynamic Black & White Portraits - Sam Tarrel
06/09/2016 After Hours: The Diverse World of Commercial Photography - Brian McLernon
06/04/2016 How to win merits and influence judges. Image Competition Unlocked
05/29/2016 Lensbaby Safari, the Pearl District
05/22/2016 The Elements of Dance
05/22/2016 Certification - The First Step to the Rest of Your Career!
05/21/2016 Photoshop - Workflow, Retouching & Artwork - Sam Tarrel
05/16/2016 Seeing the Light - Portraiture 101, Indoors and Out
05/16/2016 Setting up Your Financial Workflow with QuickBooks Online
05/15/2016 Beyond the Yearbook Photo
05/12/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (May)
04/22/2016 SEO for Photographers: Getting Found for Fun and Profit
04/14/2016 After Hours: Lightroom Mobile with Mark Fitzgerald (April)
04/09/2016 The Art of Macro Photography with Tom Reiman
03/19/2016 Create the Lighting YOU Want! - Tom Hassler
03/10/2016 Quarterly Image Competition (March)
02/27/2016 Image Competition Tips w/ Lisa Dillon & Bryan Welsh
02/27/2016 PPW Convention & Image Competition
02/11/2016 After Hours: The Many Sides of Craig Mitchelldyer
02/06/2016 Seeing Through the Eyes of an Image Competition Judge
01/14/2016 After Hours: The Importance of a Personal Project for your Creativity and your Business
01/10/2016 Imaging USA
12/10/2015 OPPA Annual Member Banquet
12/07/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers
12/05/2015 Improving Your Online Presence as a Photographer
11/12/2015 Oregon Photography Expo
10/10/2015 Mastering Lightroom's Develop Module with Mark Fitzgerald, M. Photog.
10/08/2015 After Hours: Randy Hopfer - Aluminum Printing process
09/26/2015 CoastBusters: Long Beach, Lighthouse and Cranberries Safari
09/20/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers [Albany]
09/10/2015 Quarterly Image Competition (September)
08/13/2015 OPPA Summer Social
08/08/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers [Bend]
07/31/2015 How to Shoot Rocks and Weeds w/ Vern Bartley & Mark Fitzgerald
07/09/2015 Quarterly Image Competition (July)
06/29/2015 Stopping the Paper Madness! QuickBooks Online for Photographers [Portland]
06/13/2015 Crepes & Grapes Country Tour Photo Safari
06/11/2015 After Hours: Getting to Know Your OPPA
06/07/2015 Make More Money with Framing
05/24/2015 Hot Air Balloon Ride Photo Safari
05/14/2015 Quarterly Image Competition (May)
05/02/2015 Improving Your Online Presence as a Photographer
04/09/2015 After Hours: Before the Wedding Day
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