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The Competition Code

  • 06/05/2021
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Zoom, On-Line


  • OPPA, ASMP, PPW and PPA Members
  • Non Members

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The Competition Code

with Aaron Hockley and Sam Tarrel

Want to get the most out of Image Competition?  Whether you're new to competition or are a more experienced competitor looking to refine your skills, we have the workshop for you! 

Join Sam Tarrel and Aaron Hockley for a day of competition immersion.  We'll show you how to look at your work with a judge's eye so that you can select the best competition images.  We'll talk about shooting specifically for competition and using personal projects as source material.  We'll review what makes an image strong for competition, and conversely, what are some pitfalls that can result in a lower score.

Class Level - All Levels  

Newer competitors can learn:

- What are the 12 Elements of a Merit Image?  They're the building blocks for competition excellence, and understanding each of them will help you evaluate your own work.

- What you should know about preparing your digital files for a smooth entry process.

- Your client work may or may not be a good fit for formal competition.  How can you identify if it is?

More experienced competitors can learn:

- While all 12 Elements of a Merit Image are important, strength in certain ones is more likely to lead to higher-scoring images.  If you find your images stuck in the 80-84 scoring range, you'll learn where to focus to grow.

- We'll explain a straightforward Photoshop action that can automate a process for a simple, professional, judge-pleasing Presentation

- We'll dive into Titles, the unofficial 13th element, learning how they can help (or hurt) your ability to connect with the judges and have strong impact

Prerequisites: Attendees don't need to have entered competition previously, but should have watched/listened to at least one OPPA or PPA competition to understand the general format of the event.

We'll frame all of this discussion within the context of PPA's Twelve Elements of a Merit Image, the framework that judges use to evaluate a competition photograph.

Class participants are encouraged to bring potential competition images for review -- we'll help you select your strongest images and give you some pointers on how to prepare them.

Bonus: if you're interested in becoming an OPPA Juror, this is workshop is encouraged before you apply. See information on the Juror Development Program for more details. Juror Development Program (that link gives more details).

About your Speakers

Sam Tarrel, M.Photog.M. Artist.Cr., CPP, DFP-OR

Sam Tarrel is a Fine-Art Portrait and Commercial photographer in Hillsboro, Oregon. A long-time portrait artist, recently Sam has been focused on expanding the commercial side of his business into the drone and aviation industries. He has had the privilege to work with several well-established companies in providing crucial imaging data for on-going projects, as well as marketing imagery to help define their brand. 

Sam is extremely passionate about image competition and his passion for photography is rivaled only by his passion for teaching and educating others. His ultimate goal is always to help each student achieve the most they can in their craft. 

He is very active in the Oregon PPA and holds his Certification with PPA. He is an informative and engaging instructor, committed to his industry and colleagues, and his students always come away with a greater understanding and confidence in their work after working with him.

Aaron Hockley, M.Photog.Cr, FP-OR, HFP-OR

Aaron helps photographers grapple with the intersection of photography and technology. He writes frequently on his website, TechPhotoGuy.com, and speaks at photographic events around the country. His images have been selected for inclusion in PPA's Loan Collection, he received third place for Illustrative/Commercial images at PPA's Grand Imaging Awards, and he was a World Photographic Cup finalist.

PPA Members receive 1 PPA Merit for attending this workshop in entirety.

OPPA Members receive 1 OPPA Point for attending this workshop in its entirety.

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