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Image Competition: The Greatest Game of Your Photo Career (PPA 1-Day)

  • 05/13/2022
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Zoom, On-Line

Image Competition: The Greatest Game of Your Photography Career (PPA 1-Day)

with Aaron Hockley

Image competition can be an educational and fun way to submit your best work for peer evaluation and review against a high standard of work: PPA's Twelve Elements of a Merit Image. While some folks might be intimidated by the thought of competition, with the right mindset you can find success, get recognized, and learn a lot about yourself and your photographic work along the way. Consider that formal image competition is a game, and like any game, it rewards those who know the rules, practice, put in the effort when it's game time, and are open to coaching and feedback. In this workshop, attendees will learn the right mindset to approach competition, the criteria used to evaluate images, insight into a competition judge's mindset, and how to take competition feedback and turn it into both personal and professional growth. That's right! Image competition can lead to more success for your business! 

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Attendees will receive a PPA merit.
Attendees will not receive an OPPA point for this workshop.

    About your Speaker

    Aaron Hockley

    M.Photog. Cr., FP-OR, HFP-OR

    Your instructor is Aaron Hockley (M.Photog.Cr., FP-OR, HFP-OR), an experienced image competitor who has received awards at the local, state, and international levels of competition.

    PPA Members receive 1 PPA Merit for attending this workshop in its entirety.

    This workshop is NOT an OPPA Point workshop.

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