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President's Message - January 2017

Hi there,

I hope 2017 is off to a good start for you and your photography ventures, even if it's a bit chilly outside. Photography is important. The pictures that we make will tell the stories that will be shared for years to come.

I just returned from San Antonio where myself, Lisa Dillon, and Bryan Welsh spent a day and a half meeting with other PPA affiliate leadership from around the country. It was good opportunity to pick up some ideas for OPPA as well as to share our successes with others. During the week, we saw several Oregon members honored for their achievements in the 2016 International Photographic Competition, and four OPPA members were presented with PPA degrees. Congratulations to all.

We already have several workshops and other events on our calendar for the next several months. Our first image competition is open for submission. Whether you're looking to learn about Lightroom, business, marketing, weddings, image competition, or other topics, we have you covered. Go register now - at least one of our workshops is already sold out! We're serious about becoming better photographers and business people, and we have fun while doing it.

We'll be using the input from our recent education survey to plan our calendar for the rest of the year. Workshops Director Raj Sarda has some great ideas on how we can best meet your needs.

Look for a fresh design on the OPPA website soon. Communications Director Julie Countryman has been preparing a more modern, mobile-friendly theme to help make our website as easy to use as possible.

I'm honored to work with our Board of Directors to lead OPPA, but this isn't just the board's organization. If you want to share what you like about OPPA, or where you feel we have some room for improvement, just hit the email address below and we can chat. As an all-volunteer organization, we'd love your help as well. Even a few minutes of your time can be a big value for everyone in OPPA.

Finally, I hope you'll share OPPA with your photographer friends and colleagues. Invite them to one of our monthly meetings or other events. We all benefit from sharing and learning with our peers.

Let's have some Serious. Fun! in 2017

Aaron Hockley, Cr.Photog., FP-OPPA


2017 President, Oregon Professional Photographers Association

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