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OPPA Mentorship Program 

Have you ever wished you could pick the brains of some of our amazing OPPA photographers? Folks like Sam Tarrel, Aaron Hockley, Kathi Lamm, Kate Singh and many more have signed up to be mentors for this inaugural Mentorship Period. As a benefit of your membership, you can receive one free 6-month mentorship per year with an OPPA Mentor.

The mentorship will start as soon as we can match students and mentors up so if you are interested in starting a mentorship arrangement with one of your OPPA favorites, now is the time to act. The application window will open Tuesday, April 4th at 8am and close on Friday, April 7th at 8am. Mentorships will be filled on a first come-first served basis. Each application will be time stamped and processed in the order they were submitted. The next mentorship period begins in October, so if you don’t want to wait, submit your application right away! Anyone who is not matched with a mentor will receive priority placement in the next Mentorship period.

Note—even mentors can apply for mentorships!

Here’s a list of the Mentors available for this Mentorship Period:

      • Sam Tarrel
      • Aaron Hockley
      • Bryan Welsh
      • Julia Fitzgerald
      • Cindy Kassab
      • Nancy Steele
      • Amy West
      • Wendy Seagren
      • Lisa Dillon
      • Denyce Weiler
      • Kate Singh
      • Andie Petkus
      • Kathi Lamm
      • April Kroenke
      • Dana Murray
      • Ben Dalusong
      • Sandy Tyson
      • Miriam Haugen
      • Neil Haugen

Fill out the application below and submit it to Bryan Welsh (bryan@mitstudio.com) as soon as possible.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Lisa Dillon and Bryan Welsh
Mentorship co-chairs

Mentorship Application

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