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Jennifer Renwick

Slow Photography
Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 3:30PM PST

Have you ever practiced "Slow Photography"? While it's a relatively new idea in nature photography, the process of slowing down has been prevalent in many disciplines in the past few decades. Slowing down while out photographing the landscape can inspire creativity, help you to leave expectations behind to allow for more thoughtful photography, allow you to connect with the subjects you're photographing, and so much more.

Jennifer will share and discuss what slow photography is, and how practicing it has helped her create more impactful and fulfilling nature photography. She will share her insights using examples from her journeys through the landscape and discuss how you can create more meaningful imagery that connects with the viewer. She will introduce the process of slow photography, expressive photography, using storytelling to help you slow down, experimentation and creative photography techniques, and how to curate photo projects to tell a complete story.

Jennifer is a full-time nature photographer based in Golden, Colorado. She travels the American West full-time with her partner, fellow photographer David Kingham in a travel trailer, teaching photography workshops in various National Parks and wilderness areas.

While she enjoys photographing landscapes, she has a particular passion for photographing natural abstracts and smaller scenes. She extends this passion to her students by teaching visual storytelling, slowing down in the field to connect with their subjects from behind their lenses, and expressing themselves through their imagery. Jennifer runs The Nature Photographer’s Network (NPN) with her partner David Kingham and is a co-founder of Nature First Photography: The alliance for responsible nature photography. 

Her work has been featured in various photography magazines, including Landscape Photography MagazineLenswork, On Landscape, and Lenswork’s “Seeing in Sixes” photography books.

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