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David Hakamaki - Cr.Photog.

Putting The 'Business' Back Into Your Photography Business
Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 10:00AM PST

Photographers either hate or are terrified of the business side of their photography business. However, effective business strategies are essential in operating a profitable Photography BUSINESS.

We will explore how to create a signature 'look' to attract clients, market yourself effectively, develop a social media presence, excel with client interaction, incorporate unique lighting, process photos efficiently and, ultimately, conduct effective and profitable sales sessions. Find out how David generates 6 figures, with his small-town home-based, (including a complete bounce-back to pre-pandemic levels) by approaching the ever changing photography market from unconventional angels. David's techniques works in either a small town or big city, out of the home or in an established brick and mortar studio.

David's program will blend photography and business that will allow his audience to immediately see results. Stop letting your business control you. Take control and put the BUSINESS back into your Photography Business!

David has earned his Photographic Craftsman through the Professional Photographers of America. He operates a full-time, home-based studio in Upper Michigan. David serves on Simply Color Lab's Simply Seniors Speaking Team, is an Interfit Creative Pro, BlackRapid Affiliate, Fundy Storyteller, Adorama Affiliate, and Savage Universal Featured Photographer. He is a regular speaker at PPA Conferences and Workshops, as well as being a repeat speaker at Photography conventions in Canada and the United Kingdom. 

David is an international speaker and renowned Senior Portrait Photographers. He is one of the top business minds in the Photography industry, and has taught business, micro/macro economics and marketing at the college level, and regularly trains photographers on a myriad of business issues.

HIs presentations not only focus on photography, but dig deep into the art of sales, marketing and client interaction with his fun, quirky and dynamic teaching methods. David is the 'go-to' speaker on running a home based photographer studio, sports and business topics. His innovative HS Seniors business has also captivated audiences, showing how to regularly bring in $1,000+ sales.

David is a proud member of WPPI, SWPP, SISEP, PPA and BNI. He is highly active in his local community and roams the county with his family in search in adventure.

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