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Aurora DeLuca - M.Photog.Cr.

The Aliens in Your Backyard: Exploring the Macro World
Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 2:00PM PST

Have you ever looked around and wondered at the small things all around you? Dreary insects that seem worthy of nothing but being swatted away or squished come to life under the lens. And the best part is that they are all around us. We can look no further than our own backyard to find some of our smallest, but most elegant, colorful subjects. Macro photography has a few obstacles to overcome, but in this program, I will show you how I create single exposure image with living insects in their own environment (even if that environment is invading my own!). In this unique, fun class, you will not only learn some interesting facts about these crazy critters, but will come away with a useful box of tools, ready to go exploring the world at ground level.

Aurora DeLuca grew up in Tucson, Arizona with a fondness for horses and travel. She left Tucson attend one of the prestigious seven sister schools, Mount Holyoke College. With a dual major in French and International Relations, she pursued her Masters of Arts in International Relations at Australian National University specializing in Asian and Pacific studies and International Law.

During her career in policy, Aurora began to pursue her ever present hobby of photography more seriously. Eventually, she found herself in North Carolina and began specializing in portrait and macro photography in earnest. Aurora poured over master painters and discovered a passion for formal children’s portraits with a modern twist. She loves showcasing newborns as brand new, tiny people with big personalities. Equally, she loves working with children, who she believes are the most beautiful when they have their natural look, and specializes in capturing both the serious side of childhood as well as genuine smiles.

In addition, Aurora enjoys photographing in the studio that is her backyard. She discovered an alien world at the macro level and the want-to-be entomologist in her comes out when she’s discovering the colors of an insect’s eye, or the hairs that can be found on its back. In her experience, insects that look extremely ordinary to the naked eye can be extraordinary when viewed at their level. Coupled with a desire to learn more about her smallest subjects, Aurora has built up a collection of macro photography containing insects at work in their natural environments or at rest in and around her home. 

Aurora received her Master of Photography in 2017, her Photographic Craftsman in 2019 and her Fellowship of Photography with the Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC) in 2016. She has been very successful in print competition, receiving a silver medal in 2017 and a bronze medal in both 2016 and 2015. Several of Aurora’s images have been admitted into the prestigious PPA Loan Collection. She has won first and second place in the children/babies category in 2017 as well as third place in the animal category in 2013 in PPNC’s annual print competition. At the Southeast regional competition in 2017, Aurora won second place in the animal category and was among the top ten cases in the district.

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